Know About Us

Onushshar is a sustainable fashion brand based out of Kolkata, founded by fashion designer Zona Bera in 2018.


‘​Onushshar’, in the Bengali script, is a diacritic, written as a circle above a slanted line. It is always written directly adjacent to the preceding consonant causing a difference in the pronunciation of the word.


We, at Onushshar, create wearable fashion pieces inspired by various aspects of ‘Self-Actualization’, trying to cause a difference in the meaning of human existence in a positive way.


Using hand embroideries on handloom fabrics, following a zero-waste manufacturing system, Onushshar narrates the untold stories of ‘Self-Actualization’ through textile art in the form of eco-friendly fashion.


​Onushshar celebrates the art of creating different surface designs on handloom textiles and portrays their beauty through its unique, handcrafted apparel and accessories.


​At Onushshar, we seek to make elegant, versatile and artistically excelling pieces for the women who want to flaunt fashion with modern aesthetics mixed with ethnic crafting techniques.

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