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Onushshar is a sustainable fashion brand based out of Kolkata, founded by fashion designer Zona Bera in 2018.

‘​Onushshar’, in the Bengali script, is a diacritic, written as a circle above a slanted line. It is always written directly adjacent to the preceding consonant causing a difference in the pronunciation of the word.

We, at Onushshar, create art to wear, based on the idea of

Self-concept’ and thus try to bring a positive difference in the way one perceives own self. Refining this perception of one’s own self empowers them and keeps them in touch with their inner self and the way they present themselves to others matches up with their personality, identity, and mood.

Using various handcrafted techniques, we like to upcycle and recycle an array of materials like textiles, plastic, metals, wood, etc., following a zero-waste manufacturing system.

Onushshar loves to narrate the untold stories of Self-concept’ in the form of ethical, eco-friendly fashion, where every design is slow-made with utmost attention to details, quality, and craftsmanship.

Onushshar celebrates wearable, sustainable, conceptual art by creating unique, handcrafted apparel and accessories by upcycling and recycling various materials and trying to keep a lot of waste out of the landfills.

At Onushshar, we seek to make elegant, versatile, and artistically excelling pieces for the ones who believe in the potential of the idea of self-concept for living a more positive and liberal life.

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